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Welcome to Dana's Transgender Web Site! TV's, TS's, Crossdressers and their loved ones are all welcome here
Welcome to Dana Bourne’s Garden!
(a cool, quiet place to just relax and be yourself.)

Dana’s Reno Events section, with photos from Silver Dollar Court events
and some assorted
1099 Club pix.
Click here!
Pictures from the 10/2003 Girls’ Weekend Out in Reno! Click Here.

California Dreamin’ 2007 Photos are here!

Personality Types and the Transgender Community -- 2005 Myers-Briggs Type Test Article


This Web site is really two places in one:

    If you are a transgendered person (or are interested in us) and would like to know more about Dana and her friends, click here.

    If you are the wife or Significant Other of a TG person, and would like to connect with others like you for support, advice, or just to let off some steam, click here. There are NO PHOTOS in this area. I'm happy to say there are now 51! of your stories in the SO Forum, the most recent from 2/26/2007. There's some real food for thought here.

    If you're looking for links to other TG and SO Support sites on the Internet, click here. (There are NO PICTURES in this area either.)

    And you can read an article I wrote that was published in the online magazine Transgender Forum in November 1997 called "Towards a New Understanding." It tries to break down the either/or labeling we all keep doing to ourselves.  To read the article, click here.